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Musical Box}♥



Welcome to 1/2'09 Class Blog! :D
Whether you're a stranger,
or a 1/2-ian,
you are always welcome.

Please be aware that :
NO Spammers.
NO Vulgarities.
NO Posers.
NO quarreling/arguing.
Be respectful.

Enjoy yourselves in this blog! :D
Remember to tag, thank you.

About US}♥

Assumption English School.
AES ; OneTwo-09. :D

12 girls + 24 boys = One United Class :D

Most of the time, we are noisy.
but we can behave too.
We do have slackers in this class.
but we can work hard too.

We know how to co-operate.
And get around with each other.

We can be nice.
but we can be tough.
so don't underestimate us.

Don't mess, 1/2's the BEST.

The Family}♥

Form Teacher: Mr Ong CH.

Co-Form Teacher: Mr Lim.

Alphonsine Koh.
Aw Yuh Meei.
Carin Lim Jie Xin.
Joanna May Torres Catalan.
Gao Rui.
Lei Jia Jia.
Nordiana Bte Bakar.
Nurul Zafirah Bte Zailani.
Reyna Mae Tamonan Corrales.
Sherlyn Chew.
Su Chang.
Winnie Phung Yew Wee.
Archille Flores Orbeta.
Augustine Ong Jing Zhi.
Derrick Aw Yong Seng.
Benedict James Naden Lim.
Brandon Lim Zheng Feng.
Christian Goh.
Er Soon Hao.
Ho Jian Yuan.
Jerome Chan Tiantze.
Jiao Xue Peng.
Joel Ang Hao Hui.
Benjamin Lee Zheng Zhou.
Sebastian Mervyn Lim Zhong De.
Lin Zhiyang.
Marcus Koh Pei Kai.
Muhammad Shamin B Razali.
Nathanael Seen Zhong Qi.
Ong Zhi Xian.
Jordan Quek Cher Hwee.
Robert Leon Serrao.
Sayyid Noorudin.
Tan Ren Jie.
Tan Wen Yao.
Tyson Chan Tai Sheng.


Remember to tag :D.
No spamming,posers.


IT: Mr Terrence.

PSE: Mr Ong.

RME: Ms Mandy.

D&T: Mr Zulwardy,Mr Yong.

Art: Mdm Sitti.

Malay: Ms Diana.

Music: Mrs Stevens.

English: Ms Leong.

Science: Ms Vivien Soon.

History: Ms Ain.

Chinese: Mdm Wang Ping, Ms Li.*

Geography: Mr Yong.

Mathematics: Mr Ong.

Home Economics: Mrs Toh.*

Everyday Science: Mr Ong.

Physical Education: Mr Kumar.

*Split into different classes.



Nov - Dec Holidays.

Class Commitee}♥

Brandon Lim Zheng Feng.

Reyna Mae Tamonan Corrales.

English Rep:

Maths Rep:
Carin Lim Jie Xin.

Science Rep:
Archille Flores Orbeta.
Tan Ren Jie.

Everyday Science Rep:
Carin Lim Jie Xin.

Geography Rep:

Environmental Rep:
Aw Yuh Meei.

Sports Captain:
Nurul Zafirah Bte Zailani. (Girls.)
Sayyid Noorudin. (Boys.)

Commitee Members:
Lin Zhiyang. (Runner.)
Joanna May Torres Catalan. (Deco.)
Robert Leon Serrao. (IT.)
Tan Wen Yao. (Collection.)
Winnie Phung Yew Wee. (Duty.)

Birthday Babies}♥

January! :D -
07 Jan - Tyson.
09 Jan - Soon Hao.
12 Jan - Su Chang.
13 Jan - Gao Rui.
30 Jan - Jian Yuan.

February! :D -
13 Feb - Winnie.
14 Feb - Sherlyn.
19 Feb - Jordan.
23 Feb - Zhi Xian.
24 Feb - Zhiyang.

March! :D -
01 Mar - Jerome.
10 Mar - Xue Peng.
26 Mar - Carin.
30 Mar - Zafirah.

April! :D -
07 Apr - Benedict.
11 Apr - Christian.
19 Apr - Sayyid.
26 Apr - Benjamin.

May! :D -
20 May - Sebastian.
20 May - Nathaneal.
24 May - Wen Yao.

June! :D -
No babies.

July! :D -
No babies.

August! :D -
03 Aug - Augustine.
06 Aug - Ren Jie.
17 Aug - Jia Jia.
24 Aug - Joel.
29 Aug - Reyna.

September! :D -
06 Sep - Joanna.
19 Sep - Mr Ong.

October! :D -
03 Oct - Alphonsine.
05 Oct - Marcus.
11 Oct - Derrick.

November! :D -
04 Nov - Yuh Meei.
17 Nov - Archille.

December! :D -
04 Dec - Shamin.
25 Dec - Robert.
29 Dec - Brandon.


AES 1/1'09.
AES 1/2'09.
AES 1/4'09.
AES 1/5'09.
AES 1/6'09.

AES 2/1'09.
AES 2/2'09.

Ms Vivien.
Mr Low.



Past Homework}♥

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March 2009
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August 2009
September 2009
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November 2009
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January 2010
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

hello! i miss 1/2 too . :)
i am super bored and have no life. :)
hehe . kayyy bye. :)

9:26 PM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

here's our new class blog (2/2).  :D


Enjoy! :)

P/S: be aware that there's two dashes inside the url.
PP/S: you're always welcome to come back to this blog.
PPP/S: All updates will be at the new blog, so i advise all of you to tag there. (: 


7:37 PM

Friday, January 1, 2010


Goodluck in sec 2.
Hope you all have a great year ahead of you.
Enjoy 2010!

P/S: Remember to bring the right things on Monday.
PP/S: Be on your best attire please :)
PPP/S: Even though I dread to wake up on monday, i can't wait to see you all!


5:23 PM

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey 1/2s!

Our new form teacher will be Mdm Lye and you guys will need to bring the following items on 1st day of school...

2) Story book for silent reading
3)Report book (make sure it is signed)
4)Health Booklet
5)$20 for school magazine and handbook
6) School tie

There will be an attire check. So please be in a proper attire and if you are not in a proper attire, your parents will be called and you will be sent home.

Hope you guys will have a pleasant New Year...

Zafirah :D


4:56 PM

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello, there's just this disturbing person who decided to be a ____,
and tagged nonsense.
I just want to say: can you please mind your own business?
if you have problems, go see a counsellor or something.
maybe get a hobby, or whatever. we don't care. :/
we don't really intend to create any arguements here.
so kindly please don't start one.
don't be such a loser. no offence.
but, seriously? can't you be more .. mature?

thanks! (:

Harsh tags by anyone will be banned & deleted immediately.

HKSS: hey losers~ freaking douche bags.. your class is a addict to a lame racing game? wtfux... no lifers

2:42 AM

heeyy guys !
2 more days to new year !
I noe its a bummer tht skul is gonna start soon ,
but hey , at least we get to see each other ,
and new faces(if there are) !
There'll be a new form teacher ,
so pls behave to give a good impression yeah ??
lastly ,
I wan to wish

A very happy birthday !
Hav a great special day ahead !
And you guys too ! take care !

Joanna LURH !

12:11 AM

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello all :)
it's been long since update.
hmm .. how are your holidays?
hope you're doing fine. I heard that most of you are all overseas.
enjoy yourselves!

anyway, the class outing was alright.
even though not all could turn up, at least most of few tried to come. :)
we watched New Moon, and it was great movie.
we also played at the arcade like crazy - Daytona & the candy machine thingy.
it was fun :D
hope to have more class outings like this next year.

enjoy the rest of your holidays, and a few more weeks & its back to school!
takecare of yourselves (:


10:33 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello all. :)
There will be a class outing this Thursday, 26 november.
just to remind you all, we will be watching a movie.
but we will be deciding what to watch on the spot.

Most probably, we will be going for lunch first, before watching the movie.
Please meet at Lot 1, outside Macs at 12.30pm sharp.
We will be ending around 5 - 6pm plus.

Please do not be late. (:
Do try your best to come & remind the rest about this outing.
Hope to see you on that day!


11:48 AM

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heeyy guys . ^^
How's ur holidays so far ?
Mine is to boring to be elaborated . hahah . :)
Anw , jus a post to say ,

nth to say , I'll leave th other authors to comment on u . xP

Anw , Th comfirmed date is 26 Nov , at Lot 1 .
Everyone fine w/ that ?
We're planning on a movie and lunch , maybe arcade for boys ??

Anws , movies avaiable for us is :

1) A Christmas Carol
2) Raging Phoenix
3) The Fantastic Mr Fox
4)Mulan (TBA)
5) Caroline

Pls choose one of th movies
and text either me , Reyna or Brandon which movie you wanna watch ,
and majority wins . ^^

Miss u guys much !
Joanna LURH ! ^^

8:37 AM

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Heeyy guys ..
Alr end of yr ,
time has come and gone so fast .
The class has its ups and downs , but hey ,
who doesnt ?
I hope nobody regretted being in 1/2 ,
cuz I didnt . (well i did , but now no .)
I really hope we stay tgt until sec four and that no one gets left behind .
I totally miss th time we spent tgt man ...
All th fights ppl made , th scoldings we had to listen to ,
though they seemed to be bad memories then ,
I really missed them ..
And for sure you guys will miss them too .
All those class outings we had ,
Though teachers restricted stuff we really wanted to do ,
we still had alot of fun .
Hopefully Brandon plans a class outing so we can hav a day out tgt ,
cuz I'm getting bored at home , jus staring at th com ...
LOL , anws,
enjoy ur hols , and i hope to see all of u excited to start th yr tgt agn . :)
Pls help to keep th class blog alive yeah ,
I wouldnt our class blog to die so fast .
Better go , I dun hav anything to say anymore . hahaha .

Dont mess , 1/2's the BEST .

Joanna LURH !

6:33 PM